Russian general officers

Bogoliubov, Alexandr M. 1900-1956 Lt.-Gen. 1941 Chief Operations, Reserve Front;
1941-1942 Chief of Staff, 43rd Army;
1942 Deputy Chief Operations Administration of the General Staff;
1942 Chief of Staff, 43rd Army;
1942-1943 Deputy Chief Operations Administration of the General Staff;
1943 Chief of Staff, Northwestern Front;
00.11.1943-00.04.1944 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front;
1945 Chief of Staff, 2nd Byelorussian Front;
? Deputy Commandant, Frunze Military Academy;
1951-1953 Assistant Commander in Chief, Far East;
1953-1955 Deputy Chief of the Central Administration for Battle Training of the Land Forces

Ivanov, Semen Pavlovich
Eaaiia, Naiai Iaaeiae?
Iwanow, Semen Pawlowitsch
Ivanov, Semen Pavlovitsj
31.08.1907-1993 Lt.-Gen.  20.10.1943-00.11.1943 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front

Konev, Ivan Stepanovich
Eiiaa, Eaai Noaiaiiae?
Konjew, Iwan Stepanowitsch
Konjev, Ivan Stepanovitsj

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Lieutenant-General (06.1940); General of the Army (26.08.1943); Marshal of the Soviet Union (20.11.1944)  After service with the Czarist Army in World War I, Konev joined the Red Army and the Communist Party in 1918. During the Russian Civil War he served as a political commissar. In the interwar years he completed his military education and rose to command of a division. At the time of the German invasion, Konev was the acting commander of the Transcaucasian Military District. He was recalled to Moscow in the fall of 1941 and given command of an army. During the Soviet offensive around Moscow in December 1941, Konev commanded the Kalinin Front (army group) in the decisive struggle for the northern flank. By the beginning of 1942 his command had forced the invaders back over 100 miles. Konev came to prominence during the great Soviet offensives of 1943-45, holding the command of the Second and First Ukrainian Fronts. As a Marshal of the Soviet Union, Konev led the million men of the First Ukrainian Front in the climactic battle for Berlin. Konev's reputation as a conductor of Soviet offensive operations is challenged only by Marshal Zhukov's. At Moscow and Kursk, in Poland, and in East Prussia and Berlin, he demonstrated great capability in handling masses of infantry in the attack. Following the war Konev held a number of key political and military posts, including commander of the Warsaw Pact force and commander of the Soviet forces in Germany.
Krainiukov, Konstantin V.  1902-1975 Lt.-Gen.; Colonel-General 1941 Political Commissar 6th Army
1942 Political Commissar 9th Army
1943 Political Commissar 40th Army
1943 Political Commissar Voronezh Front
20.10.1943-10.06.1945 Political Commissar, 1st Ukrainian Front
1948-1949: Commandant Political Military Academy

Malinovsky, Rodion Yakovlevich
Iaeeiianeee, ?iaeii ?eiaeaae?
Malinowski, Rodion Jakowlewitsch
Malinovski, Rodion Jakovlevitsj
Colonel-General (12.02.1943); Marshal of the Soviet Union (10.09.1944) Enlisted in Tsarist Army, 1914; served in Ukraine (wounded) and France (Sergeant). Joined Red Army in Civil War. 
(1941) Commanding General, 48th [Infantry?] Corps;
00.09.1941-00.00.1941 C-in-C, 6th Army (Stalingrad);
00.12.1941-00.07.1942 C­in­C, Southern Front;
29.08.1942-14.10.1942 C-in-C, 66th Army;
00.11.1942-00.00.1943 C-in-C, 2nd Guards Army;
00.02.1943-00.04.1943 C­in­C, Southern Front;
00.04.1943-00.10.1943 C-in-C, SW Front;
00.10.1943-00.05.1944 C-in-C, 3rd Ukrainian Front
00.00.1944-00.00.1944 C-in-C, 2nd Ukrainian Front
00.00.1945 C-in-C, Transbaikal Front;
Far East, 1945-1956; C­in­C, Ground Forces, Moscow, 1956-1957. Deputy to Supreme Soviet, 1946-. Hero of the Soviet Union; five Orders of Lenin; Order of Victory. Minister of Defence, USSR, 10.1957-1967.

Petrov, Ivan Efimovich
Iao?ia, Eaai Aoeiiae?
Petrow, Iwan Jefimowitsch
Petrov, Ivan Jefimovitsj
Major-General (1939); Lieutenant-General (1942); Colonel-General (1943); General of the Army (1943) Enlisted 1918;
05.10.1941-04.07.1942 C-in-C, Coastal Army (Odessa - Krim);
1942-1943 Commander Black Sea Group;
16.03.1943-13.05.1943 Chief of Staff, N Caucasian Front;
13.05.1943-00.11.1943 C-in-C, N Caucasian Front;
00.08.1944-00.03.1945 C-in-C, 4th Ukrainian Front;
00.04.1945-10.06.1945 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front;
1945-1952 C-in-C, Military District Turkestan;
1952-1958 with the Ministry of Defence

Sokolovsky, Vasili Danilovich
Nieieianeee, Aaneeee Aaieeiae?
Sokolowski, Wassilij Danilowitsh
Sokolovski, Vassilij Danilovitsj

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Lieutenant-General (06.1940); Colonel-General (06.1942); General of the Army (27.08.1943); Marshal of the Soviet Union (04.06.1946) Enlisted 1918;
00.00.1940 Chief of Staff, Western Front;
00.00.1942 C-in-C, Western Front;
00.04.1944-00.04.1945 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front;
00.00.1945 acting C-in-C, 1st White Russian Front;
00.00.1945 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front;
10.04.1946 C-in-C, Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany;
later Chief of the General Staff, Soviet Armed Forces;
1st Deputy Minister of Defence

Vatutin, Nikolai Fedorovich
Aaoooei, Ieeieae Oaai?iae?
Watutin, Nikolai Fedorowitsch
Vatoetin, Nikolaj Fedorovitsj
General of the Army (26.08.1943) Chief of Staff ? Division; Deputy Chief of Staff ? Military District; Chief of Staff Kiev Military District; Head Operations Directorate; 1941 Vice Chief General Staff; 1941-1942 Chief of Staff North-western Front; 1942  Deputy Chief General Staff; 1942 Commander in Chief Voronezh Front; 1942-1943 Commander in Chief South-western Front; 1943 Commander in Chief Voronezh Front
20.10.1943-02.03.1944 Commander-in-Chief, 1st Ukrainian Front
Killed by an Ukrainian nationalist

Zhukov, Georgi Konstantinovich
?oeia, Aai?aee Eiinoaioeiiae?
Schukow, Georgi Konstantinowitsch
Zjoekov, Georgi Konstantinovitsj

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Marshal of the Soviet Union (18.01.1943) 02.03.1944-24.05.1944 Commander-in-Chief, 1st Ukrainian Front
Joined Red Army, 1918; took part in Civil War; took part in Battle of Khalkin­Gol against Japanese, 1939; during War held posts as Chief of General Staff, Deputy People's Commissar of Defence, C­in­C Leningrad, Western and 1st Ukrainian Fronts, 1941-1945; in charge of defence of Moscow, 1941; took part in drawing up plan for defeat of German Army at Stalingrad, 1942; co­ordinator of Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts to break blockade of Leningrad, 1943; co­ordinated activity of 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts and 1st and 2nd Byelorussian Fronts, 1943-1944; C­in­C 1st Byelorussian Front, 1944-1945; commanded capture of Berlin, 1945; Soviet representative at capitulation of Germans, 1945; Deputy Minister of Defence, 1953-1955; Minister of Defence of the USSR, 02.1955-10.1957. Member of the Presidium, in 1957 (Candidate Mem. 1956). Holds several foreign awards. Hero of the Soviet Union (three awards); Order of Lenin (five); Order of Victory (2); Order of Suvorov (2), etc. Publication: The Memoirs of Marshal Zhukov, 1971